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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, and with single people cursing their fate since love is in the air (and well, every other possible place), it’s still an apt time to be confessing your love to that special person. Whether it’s a simple confession or a full blown plan, it needs to be done right. Impromptu plans look good only in movies and the small screen but not in real life. Even for those who’re already coupling, it is indeed a day of love and it needs to be done lovingly. Hence, we’ve rounded up these date ideas for Valentine’s Day so that you walk into the day prepared and with just one mission in your head; wooing your special someone! Want to know what else we have for you? We’re gonna tell you ways to style yourself and look good while also feeling goo so read on!


>>Cook a meal
The way to any person’s heart is food. How can you not be happy when your taste buds are happy, too? To make this intimate (and also if you know how to cook), prepare something you’re good at or something your S/O likes.
Styling: Wear something that is comfortable and not too dressy since it’s a do-at-home thing. For women, wear just a little amount of makeup and for men, avoid wearing denims.

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>>Go tourist-ing around your city
If you’re the kind of couple who likes the outdoors and exploring new places, go around your own city or a neighboring one if you’d like. Discover your new favorite place and spend the day with your special someone. If you plan on asking someone out, do it at a place in the city that he/she likes to create a comfortable environment for the both of you.
Styling: Wear something according to the climate because you don’t want to be sweating or feeling extremely cold since that will ruin the fun for you.


>>Indulge in an activity
If you can afford it and if you’re both up for it, try doing a fun activity that thrills you. For example, something like scuba diving if you live by the sea or an amusement park to give you an adrenaline rush.
Styling: Whatever suits your activity the best. Since you’re actually doing it outdoors, avoid being too dressy and keep it simple but stylish.


>>Dinner date on the terrace
Because what is better than sitting so high up, sipping on your drink, looking your partner in the eye and enjoying an amazing view of the city, away from the hassle of it?
Styling : This is one date where you can dress up all you want and look dazzling (enough to keep you S/O’s eyes on you the entire time).

Even though you don’t really need a special day to show your love to your special person, it’s always nice to celebrate festivities and especially a day solely dedicated to love. All you need now is your charm and wit, and you’ll be surprised at how it gets you, rather smoothly, through the night!

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