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Mumbai Mulgi vs Delhi Kudi

Mumbai is known for its chilled out vibe and for housing all the celebrity faces of India, whereas Delhi is known for its outspokenness and delicious chaat. The Mumbai vs Delhi debate has prevailed since a very long time, with absolutely no conclusion to it. This debate has seen all sorts of comparisons; some out of love and some out of despise. This time, we’re compare the girl squads of both the cities!


>>Decked up Vs. Non decked up

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You gotta give it to Mumbai for its ‘IDGAF’ vibe, because here not being decked up and dressed up does not matter. You will see girls walking around in pyjamas or their hair in a messy bun and it’s all cool! Whereas in Delhi,  girls are almost always seen dressed up from head to toe! It’s always a party in New Delhi and you gotta keep up your game!


>>Stilettos Vs. Flip Flops

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Comfort over killer heels? That’s a Mumbai girl for you! Girls here wear flip flops and rather proudly. Delhi girls love their heels so much, it becomes an every day thing to them.


>>Brand war

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Mumbai has a street-shopping life of its own and fashionistas to non fashionistas; everyone loves street shopping! Delhi screams brands and the tag matters more than anything. Delhi girls love following trends and you’ll see all of them wearing something (or everything) that is currently a rage. Mumbai girls create their own trends and refrain from following the crowd.

>>Food Craze


Talking about differences, you’ll find many. But when it comes to street food, it’s one thing that’s similar about Mumbai and Delhi girls. They love street food and they love their chaats.

>>Bollywood love 

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With Bollywood being the heritage of Mumbai, you will see girls here walking and talking Bollywood whereas in Delhi, you will see the girls bobbing their heads to a Honey Singh song most of the times. Maybe it’s just in the air, eh?

Another thing that’s common between a Mumbai and a Delhi girl? Both of the genres are SLAY QUEENS! Always have been, always will be! 


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