As you all may or may not be knowing, CoutLoot hosted the Trendsetter contest not very long ago and the response from all you looters was insane to say the least! But like every contest, this one too had to have a winner and although the competition was tough, you and us together chose our Campus Trendsetter for this year.

Say hi to Yogitha Rao, the face of CoutLoot Trendsetter. Congratulations, girl!

4887ecf2-1a8d-4845-8add-a07dcca63751To get an insight into her life and to get to know her better, we asked her a few questions. We loved her enthusiasm and we promise, so will you!

  1. What does fashion mean to you?
    “Fashion is an expression of one’s inner self and not a reflection of what others would like you to express. Clothes are the first thing you look at, yes. But more than that, it’s about how you style them and carry yourself in them in the best way possible without letting them overwhelm you. Fashion to me is a lil’ Sienna Miller with a dose of Kate Bosworth, plus a dash of Mary-Kate Olson.”
  2. Your go-to outfit?
    “Boyfriend jeans with oversized bomber jackets forever. And why not? Every outfit looks cooler with scruffy hair. I’m a bit too disheveled in clothing as well as with hair. I love ballet pumps but since I’m bad at handling them, I’d complete my outfits with sneakers any day!”adcb1e10-b562-4f64-89fb-380fe08a80b7
  3. Tell us your experience with the CoutLoot Trendsetter contest.
    “I am glad I could be a part of the Coutloot Trendsetter contest. The tasks given were challenging enough to get me into my creative best. Eventually, I could see myself doing a lot of experimenting with all my clothes. Such contests have to be held every year to encourage and bring out the best of fashion in all aspiring bloggers. It was great working with the Coutloot team. Kudos to such an initiative and to its success!”
  4. What were your favorite tasks?
    “All the tasks were amazing, especially the “7 shades of what you wear”, where we had to create our own Desi, Boho, Denim, Formal, Casual, date night and school girl looks and showcase them in different ways. The voting task wherein we got our popularity quotient on check was as necessary and challenging as it seemed. Last was the cover page task which was unexpectedly the best of all, where each trendsetter showcased their favorite current trend that’s happening on Coutloot. Hence, there was a lot of learning and a lot pf experience.
  5. Your favorite thing about CoutLoot?”e909f0b5-c4a6-43ce-a7e1-88db08cf9941
    “A lot of us have clothes that were previously loved and Coutloot allows us to sell them at affordable rates to those who want to own them next. The seller here can earn easy cash for his /her unused branded items. Everything on Coutloot is hassle free and in great condition. It creates a win-win situation for both the parties. Could it get any better?”
  6. Have you ever shopped/sold on CoutLoot? If yes, then how was your experience?
    “Yes. I have and I still shop regularly on CoutLoot. I have also sold about 10-15 dresses until now. It was a perfect buy-and-sell experience altogether. And yes, I would love to continue buying and selling on CoutLoot and would definitely recommend it to others.”
  7. Finally, tell us your favorite fashion catchphrase and a fashion advice for our readers!
    “I roll by – When In Doubt, Wear Red!”
    “The best fashion advice I could give to the people reading this is that since everyone has their own sense of style you need to embrace it and refine it. Don’t force it. No trend is too hard or too important to try. While we’re mainly concerned about clothing and accessories, true style encompasses beauty too. If you’re not happy in your own skin, you’re never going to be at you’re your fashionable best.”fda39700-8613-4b3e-bd23-7a44cc190cea

Well, don’t you think these are some wise words all of us should live by? We think so, too!
Thank you for your time, Yogitha.
We wish you all the best for your future and also as our Trendsetter for this year. We’re glad to have you on board as one of our favorite looter!


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