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#YOUGOGIRL- Women who inspire us!

Pernia Quershi & Masaba Gupta

Women- What would we do without them? They make our lives colorful with their never ending energy and inspire us every day. Women across the globe are breaking stereotypes with each passing day and giving the upcoming generation something to look forward to. This women’s day we give you an insight into our favorite women and how they’ve come so far and wooed us all with their achievements. Today, we’ll be talking about two of our favorite women in fashion – Pernia Qureshi and Masaba Gupta.


Pernia Qureshi

Stylist to fashion entrepreneur, her journey is one that starts from fashion and just gets bigger and better. Studying law didn’t affect her real dream; to be a fashionicon. She started off by doing internships with renowned fashion magazines in New York. She then assisted various stylists and along the way, became a very successful stylist herself. She was recognized when she designed clothes for Sonam Kapoor starrer Aisha and there was no turning back. Her biggest venture was launching Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop but with great ideas come great struggles. It was a platform for all designers to sell and showcase their products at a one-stop destination for customers online. She struggled with trying to explain it to people, to tell them how it works. Soon, more and more designers started joining in and now it’s a countrywide hit and also attracts international customers. She deems fashions as her first love and believes she has a long way to go! Well, we certainly want her to become more of a tycoon than she already is because this girl has a lot up her sleeve!

Masaba Gupta

Masaba’s career has been anything but one-track. Since she was a child, she dreamed of becoming a tennis player with Sania Mirza as her biggest inspiration. She won a lot of inter-school and inter-college awards for the same. But come teenage, she dropped her plan and took an interest in music and dance. She took up dance at Shiamak Davar’s institute but again, she realized her true passion lied somewhere else. She enrolled for a course in fashion designing and we can all see how well that turned out. She’s one of the most talented designers India has and she is crossing milestones with every collection she launches. One of the first designers to showcase on Pernia’s Pop-Up shop, she and Pernia became friends more than colleagues. With such a colorful journey, she continues to be better at everything she does.


The fashion world has a lot in store for everyone who enters, and these are proof of that without a doubt.



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