#YOUGOGIRL- Kangana Raunat & Sophia Amourouso

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#YOUGOGIRL- Kangana Raunat & Sophia  Amourouso

Two women who despite all odds, aimed high and indeed made it there by themselves –Kangana Ranaut and Sophia Amourouso.

Kangana Ranaut


Coming from a small town in Himachal Pradesh, she is anything but small in terms of success and glamour but also in terms of being a grounded global icon. Sounds ironic? It isn’t. She rebelled her career path as a doctor that was picked out for her and started off with building her own by modeling first and then gradually getting into films. Her smart mouth and amazing talent to portray the hardest of emotions artificially and making it look real is what wins hearts with every movie that she does. Like every other journey, even hers comes with its own set of struggles with people trying to constantly put her down, whether it’s the media, common man, or her colleagues. She rises above everything that’s thrown her way and handles every feud or negative statement with utmost maturity.Winner of numerous national awards, she has earned every single one of it. From Fashion to Tanu Weds Manu to Queen to Tanu Weds Manu Returns, she has aced every role and every character and is known for playing roles with intense emotions very effortlessly. She is a representation of a badass Indian woman in our country among the many others and we couldn’t admire her more than we already do!


Nasty Girl Founder – Sophia Amourouso


Named one of the richest self-made businesswoman by Forbes? She’s none other than Sophia Amourouso who founded Nasty Girl at just the age of 22. Born in California, she was diagnosed with depression and ADHD at a very young age. With her childhood and teenage adventurous/troublesome, she conquered it all. Her first job was at Subway and she did a lot of other jobs while homeschooling. One of the sexiest CEOs alive, she started selling vintage clothing items on Ebay first but was banned from Ebay for defying certain policies. Then, she started Nasty Girl as a full fledged retail store online and had thousands of women following her in no time. The clothing line has had as colourful a past and future as the former CEO!


All this talk about women making it big by themselves has given us major goals, haven’t they?


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