Flea markets are every shopper’s very own treasure hunt; you never know what you’ll find! Who doesn’t want to get their hands on the exclusive items that a flea market has to offer! But shopping at a flea isn’t as easy as shopping at a mall. You have to dig and dig until you find what you’re looking for. Follow our list of do’s and don’ts the next time you’re at a flea and wish to make the most of it!



>>Keep your eyes open!
Yes, like everything else, shopping too requires you to be alert at all times. You have to be really observant to spot something that might become your new favourite.

>>Walk around.
The main rule of shopping at a flea is to go around and look at every stall before spending your money on something and regretting it. Make a note of what you like and the stall name, and come back there to buy the item of your choice if you still like it after looking around the market.

>>Communicate to your heart’s content!

These markets that take place timely are a great way to make contacts/friends as you are probably going to meet a lot of like-minded people doing the same thing that you love, too.

>>Always keep cash handy
At flea markets that take place on a bigger scale, they usually have an ATM but at smaller ones, not likely. It’s also a huge possibility that the sellers you’re buying from may not accept cards so to avoid last minute chaos or intervention in your shopping spree, keep a lot of cash handy.



>>Work your magic to get the best discounts!
Well, this one sounds a bit unfair but we’re all guilty of buttering someone to get our way. Just play nice and have a small talk with the sellers. Avoid anything that might piss them off. They usually keep in mind the good customers and that’s how you are likely to get your discounts.

>>Perform a subtle quality check.

This is an important rule when shopping. It is not just limited to clothes, but to every item. Perform a quality check yourself without being too obvious because most sellers do not have a refund policy. Better safe than sorry!

>>Carry a shopping tote with you
Flea markets have a lot of walking to do so it gets tough to carry a lot of shopping bags around wherever you go. Save yourself the trouble and put it all in one bag if you’re a hell of a shopper.


Flea markets are more than just shopping and the major rule we all need to follow is to have fun and make the most of it!

Unwind. Relax. Shop. – Key rules for having the best time at a flea!

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