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The widely recognisable white sneaker is hardly unknown to anyone, including the people who aren’t even fashion enthusiasts. While this industry can be hella confusing sometimes (sometimes translating to most of the times), we gotta thank the makers for introducing us to one of the most comfortable yet stylish accessory of all time; the white sneakers trend. Killer heels are still sexy as hell, but sneakers have come to par with the 6 inch heels that do look good but don’t feel as good.

These are our favourite 5 ways to style up white sneakers for everyone!


>> Who says this trend is only limited to western wear? We’ve all considered wearing our kurtis as a dress at least once in our lifetime and what better way to make it stand out than wearing your basic white sneakers with a kurta of your choice? You can wear one that doesn’t have slits at the sides or pair it up with shorts and sneakers as your footwear choice. You’ll be the desi x English kudi that everyone talks about!


>> We can always count on white sneakers to save the day when we’re in no mood for a pair of heels or even normal sandals. Know what else we can count on? A cold shoulder top and a pair of comfy leggings to make us look like the cuties we are. These with white shoes could make you look as well as feel good on a summer day!


>> We’re all familiar with fashionistas pairing up football socks with ankle length boots to make them appear knee high. Who says we can’t do the same with ankle length white sneakers? A shirt/t-shirt dress with a well-chosen belt would be perfect to go with it!


>> Denim on denim has always been a classic look right from the 90s! White sneakers with an all denim look go amazing together! Don’t trust us? Hmm, why don’t you try it out yourself?


>> Long shrugs are so in right now! They are so versatile; they can be paired up with almost anything if you know your game. You can add a touch of white sneakers to them and voila! You are officially dressed to impress, without even trying to!

Moral of the story? Basic white sneakers aren’t basic, not even close!

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