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Bottoms play an important role in everyone’s life (pun intended). Sometimes, they’re solely responsible for making or breaking a look altogether because what seems to be well thought of in our heads, isn’t always the same on our bodies. Let’s take a look at the different types of bottoms that we can wear in our daily lives and what part of everyone’s body they complement the most.




Culottes are a traditional clothing item of France and their origin dates back to several decades ago. It is also something that men used to wear but with Chanel stepping in after 1920s, the game changed and women started wearing what only men would. So when it comes to French fashion, not only is the French girl look something women aim for, but French guy look is known to impress as well. They emphasis your waist more than anything else and they’re also really comfortable to be in all day.




Slit skirts aren’t given enough credit. They scream chic without being too sophisticated. They hug your curves like no other kind of bottoms do. When paired up with the right tops and suitable necklines, they are sure to make a girl look like a lady in the best of ways.






Looks can be deceiving, they say. This holds true when it comes to skorts because they may look like skirts but they aren’t, obviously. If you don’t want the hassle of wearing a skirt outdoors then skorts should be in your wardrobe right away.




This one may be a little tricky as it doesn’t suit every body type but for the ones it does, it’s a win-win. Denims can get really uncomfortable and binding after a certain period of time, hence the women were introduced to another comfort based trend; boyfriend jeans. They’re baggy and breezy and the answer to why your boyfriends are almost always living in and out of the same pair of denims all the time.







These are our absolute favorites! When we say absolute, we mean it. They’re so goddamn comfortable, and they are the best substitute to leggings. While they don’t necessarily complement anything, they sure give us ultimate satisfaction and comfort and if you don’t have them in your wardrobes yet, then you’re really missing out.




Have something to add that we haven’t already? Tell us about it and maybe we’ll consider including them in our wardrobes as well!


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