“TRAVEL is all about the GORGEOUS feeling of teetering in the unknown.” 

When the travel bug bites, you can’t help but give in to what it leaves you with. And what it leaves you with is a desire to explore new places and step foot in a part of the world you’ve never seen or been in before. It’s the most refreshing feeling in the world to travel to another place and leave your every day life behind even if it’s just for a short while. 


The best trips are the most spontaneous ones but it’s also a good thing to know a little about the place you’re about to enter. Now, once you’ve got it all planned in your head your next step would be convincing all your girlfriends to tag along or your boyfriend to be your trip partner! But wait; what do you do when nobody is available and the idea of travelling alone is something you’ve always liked but it’s also something which brings in a lot of uncertainty in your head? We’re going to tell you the pros of travelling alone at least once in your life to show you that there’s nothing wrong with going solo.

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Read on.

>> You get to be your own decision maker. Yes, that’s right. You can do what you want, whenever you want and however you want! Travelling in groups often means a lot of compromise and this one time, you won’t have to do that at all.

>> You learn how to enjoy your own company. There is nothing better than being content with yourself and learning to have fun even without your friends when they’re unavailable. It brings a certain kind of joy to be able to be by yourself.♥♥

>> You don’t have to share your food. Seriously, this is one of the best perks! You don’t have to share your meals with anyone and you can eat whatever you want from wherever!

>> You can do some soul searching. You can reflect back at your life, learn new things about it and yourself, and execute your newest discoveries in your current lifestyle. It’s also a highly spiritual experience if you try to see it as one.

>> You feel free. Do we really have to explain this one? Freedom comes with being able to do what you please and solo travelling means just that!

>>You gain a sense of responsibility. Responsibility is not just materialistic. It’s more about taking charge of your own safety and well being. It makes you less fearful and more open to looking after yourself in a place where no one else can.


So now all you have to do is set out to a new place with the best company that you could ever have; yourself.

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