“The best fashion show is on the streets. Always has been and always will be.”

What the fashion experts say is indeed true. Runway fashion is amazing in its own way but nothing can compare to street style. For starters, it is an expression of one’s true self and isn’t that what fashion is all about after all? Designers and fashion enthusiasts around the world have started taking inspiration from street wear and incorporated them in their collections. We’ve rounded up street style from our 5 favourite cities of the world; Melbourne, New York, Tokyo, Paris & Milan.


DSC_0494This beautiful city is situated in the heart of Australia. Even though it isn’t on the list of the most fashion forward cities, it’s still the venue for Australia Fashion Week. One thing Melbournians love about their outfits is boots. Layering is also something that you’ll see a lot of people doing ‘round the year.

>New York

3.1New York is house to many top fashion labels and one of the 3 major fashion cities of the world. So naturally, it is reflected in the street style here. In New York too, people absolutely love layering and it’s no surprise that they’re so good at it. They don’t restrict themselves to a certain color palette and oh, they love their coats!


2.2Paris. The city of fashion, or so it’s called. It’s every fashionista’s go-to place for a perfect fashion vacay. And who doesn’t want to look like the French girl everyone keeps talking about? People here sport a neutral color palette and they’re also super chic, super smart, and super sexy. The silhouettes are to die for along with the fabrics.



Being the fashion capital, Milan is one of our favorites when it comes to street style. People here too love being classy and chic and they like rocking every look with elegance.

Which one is your favorite city to look for street style inspiration? Do let us know in the comments below!


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