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TRENDS SINCE 1947 #IndependenceSpecial

If you reside in India, you know the significance of the 1940s, particularly the year 1947 in Indian history. Those were the years that defined what we are today as individuals and as a nation. Those were the years that gave us what we needed the most – freedom.

We all have stopped to wonder at least once in our lifetime about how the lifestyle would have been at that point in time. A time where independent living was a far fetched dream. So if we get into the specifics, what did fashion have in store for everyone during that period? What has it left behind for all of us to still marvel at and wear proudly in our day to day lives? Well, let’s talk about fashion in the 1940s and maybe, just maybe you’ll discover your new favourite fashion element while you’re at it.

>> Brooches

They were also known as bar pins and were obviously fancier than normal pins. They were jewel encrusted and came in all shapes and sizes. Brooches aren’t very common in today’s day and time but they used to be a hit in vintage fashion!

>> Off white/sandalwood coloured saree

While westerners don’t really entertain the idea of bright colours, Indians are very experimental with their palettes. This has been the case since forever in India. We are known to go all out with our colours and we carry them off beautifully as well. But there was one particular colour that wasn’t bright but was still a rage throughout the country. Sandalwood or off white. Sarees in this colour were very common and often, you’d see women pairing them up with colourful blouses or petticoats. The designs on the hems, the loose ends, etc. were also vivid and this is where we learnt the art of contrasting.

>> Red Bindi

Need we say more? Till date, red bindi is symbolic and iconic in terms of cultural styling. They denote a woman’s marital status although now it isn’t as confining as it used to be. The red bindi can be worn by anyone and everyone now but it wasn’t the case back then.

>> Salwar Kameez/Churidaar kameez

The girls wore salwar kameez or occasionally churidaar kameez like we wear our jeans and t-shirts to college – yes, it was trendy AF! The kameez ended right above the knee and the dupatta used to be draped perfectly. You could choose between simple block colours or print on print combos!

>> Puff sleeved blouses

Sleeveless blouses make way for the classic puff sleeved blouses that were so IN! They remind us of French fashion a bit. So feminine and so classy!

Now that we’ve established what our favourites were from the 1940s, why don’t you tell us some of your own in the comments below?

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