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My Bff is better than yours!

There is no other relationship that makes you feel as comfortable and as open as the one you have with your best friend. She’s your parent, your best critic, your partner in crime, your confidante and your constant. There are several roles that a best friend plays and these can’t be played by anyone else no matter what.

Best friends can be old and best friends can be new. Sometimes, you connect in the blink of an eye and voila, you’re BFFs! Other times, you have to work on it and keep the bond going forever. So what would a person who’s been your BFF for more than 7 years know better than your BFF of 7 days?
>> Weird food choices
Whether it’s having pizza with loads of ketchup on it or ice cream with potato chips or some kind of beverage; she has witnessed every socially unacceptable food combination of yours and accepted you for the same.
>> Relationships/exes
She knows about all your relationships, all your almost-relationships, your hookups, your head-over-heels phase in love phase for someone who didn’t deserve you. She knows all of this like the back of her hand and you know all of hers, too.
>> List of everyone you hate
Sometimes you just can’t help hating on certain people without a valid reason. She knows who these people are and dislikes them just because you hate their guts.
>> Insecurities 
We all have insecurities. We’re human after all. She knows what they are and she knows how to tackle them. You can hide it from the world but you can’t hide it from her.
>> Your guilty pleasures
If you secretly like One Direction or you hogged on an extra slice of pizza when you were supposed to be dieting; she doesn’t judge you for any of your guilty pleasures and keeps your secret safe with her at all times.
>> All your weird outfit phases
We ALL have been in this phase at least once in our lives and there’s no point denying that. While others have cringed about it, she has ignored it and let you do your own thing without a single ounce of judgment.
>> That one guy who never stops hitting on you
She helps you plot an escape the minute he’s in sight!
>> Your worst nightmare
Just like she knows your best times, she knows your worst times too. She knows when you hit rock bottom and she knows what to do to bring you back up.
Who needs a boyfriend when you’ve got something much more sacred than that – a soul sister! Don’t you agree?

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