Valentine’s Day Binge Watch List For The Singles

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Don’t worry all you single [read awesome] people. We’ve got your back. This Valentine’s Day, we’re bidding adieu to tubs of ice cream and cliched happy ending rom coms to embrace the most happily after feeling with wine and best company of our cable connection. So come join us for a night of totally doable reality [Movie night with wine] while the pretentious bunch spend hors trying to make a reservation at a restaurant they can’t probably afford at this point of time.


After getting dumped by her boyfriend, Elle Woods [Resse Witherspoon] makes her way into Harvard Law that let’s the smarty pants in her crack a huge case. Bye boy.


Who knew tiny weirdos from a small town are capable of turning their friendship into a whole new dimension by just making one silly prank call? AND, it has the spectacular Scarlet Johansson with the kickass Thora Birch [along with her epic resting bitch face].


Well you know how they say you can always start over? This is exactly what this incredible and inspiring memoir turned movie is all about. So if you catch yourself going through a confused low in life, strap on your hiking boots and Go! There is so much you will learn about yourself in one trip than in your office cubicle.

Messy and sexy are the new smart!


And if you’re not ready to give up on Love yet, here is your last string of hope!


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